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How To Smoke In Secret

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of freely smoking or vaping cannabis in their living room without repercussions from landlords or neighbours. Or maybe you have to spend a couple of nights in a hotel while travelling for work? Luckily for you we have this quick guide on how to be a 'Secret Stoner'.

We would be remiss not to mention that wax and oil pens are the perfect way to avoid having to deal with any of the following issues. They’re usually smell-free, always smoke-free (unless their heat mechanism is malfunctioning), and are hands-down the best way to covertly sneak a smoke wherever you are. The proliferation of e-cigarettes has also made it so that wax and oil pens are even less detectable and obvious, making them more travel-friendly than ever. To people who aren’t in the know, they look completely discrete, and they can usually fit in a pocket. If you’re really trying to be discrete, blowing vapor into an air conditioner completely dissipates it because of how air conditioners dehumidify (a function that sucks up and breaks down water vapor). So if you want to take extra care with the vapor, you always have the option to lean over and blow it into the hotel room’s AC vents.

The same can be achieved at home using devices such as the Gpen connect or Pulsar Rok.

Another great option for discreet consumption, is the use of a 510 battery such as the Vessel Compass, which uses concentrate cartridges, or the Pax Era Pro with their pre filled pods. These devices again give little to no smell along with a finer vapor production that dissipates very quickly.

If you are still a fan of using dry herb, then fear not, we still have you covered. Whilst some vaporizers such as the Volcano Hybrid are amazing bits if engineering, if you are trying to keep it on the lowdown, these may not be the best choice for you. But this is where the Pax 3 shines. Providing amazing flavour and a clean high in a discreet handheld device, the temps can be controlled to keep your vapor production low. 

In your room, you want to seal off any gaps that might be causing you issues with smell travelling throughout the building. Put towels down by the gaps on doors, close heating vents, open a window and get air flowing away from troublesome areas with a fan blowing your vapor towards the window.

You can also buy an air filter that circulates and cleans air with carbon filters, and can be purchased for under $100. Just leave this running, and it will help keep the air clean and smell free.

To get rid of any immediate smells, things such incense and other strong air fresheners can be worse than the smell you are trying to cover. Not only can they be an obvious signal that you are trying to cover something up, they can also agitate some peoples allergies, and cause further problems such as temporary breathing issues.

We suggest using an odor eliminator, such as Cannabolish, instead. Instead of just covering up one smell with another, the spray instead breaks down particles in the air leaving a neutral smell after a few short seconds.


  • Sep 29, 2020
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