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Storing Your Stash

For security, preservation, or just general cleanliness, you should always store your product correctly.

The first thing to consider when storing your herbs, is what you’ll put it in. Many people leave their product in small plastic jewellery bags, which are fine at first but not for permanent storage due to being both see-through and unable to contain odor. You should also use a container that is impermeable to moisture. Like most consumed products, exposure to any excess of these elements can affect your herbs, making them taste awful and wasting them in the process. With this in mind, one of your best choices is Prepera Evak. By removing the air in the container, the Evak helps keep your dry herb fresher, for longer.

Other products also come with storage options, such as the RYOT GR8TR. As it is grinding your herb, it falls and collects in a jar below. The black jars also help keep sunlight out.

So now that you have your container, you might want a place to house it. If you have an element-proof container, you don’t need to worry so much about the air-tightness of your box and more about privacy. A lockable container is good if you fear strangers or children might try to access your loot. Brands like Revelry Supply have all different size containers to fit your every need.

  • Sep 29, 2020
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