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What's With The Changes?

Many of you returning customers will notice a huge change in the High Not Tired website and services we offer. So what's the deal?

High Not Tired was initially started as an online head shop by artist/designer, Doyle (IG:@doylerawmeat). In a market already saturated with head shops, we wanted to be able to offer products that were aimed at the 420 market, but without the barrage of products covered in weed leaves and illustrations of stoned mushrooms. Don't get us wrong, we're not adverse to those products, but why throw more into the market when consumers are already swamped with rolling trays, stash tins and other paraphernalia filling this need?

Combine this with ever increasing cannabis product taxes, extortionate business rates and the same products being offered that were available from every other retailer, we felt that High Not Tired was not offering the products and services that Doyle initially set out to do, and it was become ever increasingly difficult and expensive to do this. In turn, those costs then get passed to the customer, and thats not something we wanted to drop on you.

During this time, dispensaries, farms and other head shops wanted to work with Doyle in designing their packaging, websites and other products, as well as them stocking certain High Not Tired products in their stores (everyone loves a Moodmat). With the time and effort this was taking, it became clear that this direction was the way to go. So now we have a new focus.

Now with HNT v2, we are moving forward with our increasing demand for design services, as well as working on our own products with an artists twist. As time goes on, we hope to be able to expand our range, have a further reach in our products being on shelves in your local shop and start to take High Not Tired in the direction Doyle initially envisioned.

We look forward to whats to come, and we hope you do too.

  • Jan 12, 2022
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