Gift ideas

Keith Haring Glass Bubbler - High Not TiredKeith Haring Glass Bubbler
Inspired by the boundless creativity of acclaimed artist, Keith Haring. Forged from thick borosilicate glass, the Bubbler showcases...
Revelry Stowaway Odour Resistant Bag - High Not TiredRevelry Stowaway Odour Resistant Bag
Revelry crafted the unique Stowaway bag to cater to on-the-go users. The Revelry Stowaway is equipped with external...
K. Haring Glass Tray - High Not TiredK. Haring Glass Tray
Keith Haring’s art transfers from subway stop to tabletop with the visually stunning K.Haring Tray. Its spacious surface...
Who is Grimjob? Michael Shantz aka Grimjob is an illustrator , designer and creative director. Working mainly in...
Octave Terp Timer - Black - High Not TiredOctave Terp Timer - Black
Introducing Version 1.2 with 3 added features... Color changing screen Embossed magnetic base Improved UI The Terp Timer is a...
Keith Haring - Rig - Black & White - High Not TiredKeith Haring Glass Rig
Influenced by pop-art icon, Keith Haring, the K.Haring Rig pairs advanced water filtration with unparalleled artistry. This piece...
Goldleaf Grow Planner - High Not TiredGoldleaf Grow Planner
You want to grow the best plants possible, but the process can be daunting with all the factors involved....
Jinni Pipe by Gypsy Laboratory - High Not TiredJinni Pipe by Gypsy Laboratory
Release a Jinni from within Jinni Pipe is a hand-held, lipless, horizontal gravity water-pipe. Using the Jinni Pipe...
Goldleaf Taster Journal - High Not TiredGoldleaf Taster Journal
Some products are amazing; others are far less suited for your body and palate’s unique preferences. Wouldn’t it...
Goldleaf Patient Journal - High Not TiredGoldleaf Patient Journal
Finding the right treatment for your medical symptoms can be an anxiety-provoking challenge. The Patient Journal empowers patients by dramatically...
Wall and Piece by Banksy - High Not TiredWall and Piece by Banksy
Banksy, Britain's now-legendary "guerilla" street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout...
Red Eye Tek 9" Terminator Finish Avalon Concentrate Rig
These brand new pieces from Red Eye Tek feature their famous Terminator Finish glass and are 9" tall with...
420 Science Pop Top Jar - Killer Acid - Fire Bud - High Not Tired420 Science Pop Top Jar - Killer Acid - Fire Bud
Featuring art from the renowned psychedelic artist Killer Acid in the newest 420 Jar designs. For this collaboration,...
Gear Premium 6" Tall Floating Beaker Rig - High Not TiredGear Premium 6" Tall Floating Beaker Rig
These Gear Premium Floating Beaker Dab Rigs feature a 3 hole perc, are made from 100% borosilicate glass...
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