MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig - High Not TiredMJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig
The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ from MJA. Named after the ancient, mythical beast, this...
HemperTech Rig with Shark Perc - High Not TiredHemperTech Rig with Shark Perc
1 LEFT IN STOCK! Careful, this dab rig may bite back at you! Share a hit with your...
Red Eye Tek 9" Terminator Finish Avalon Concentrate Rig
These brand new pieces from Red Eye Tek feature their famour Terminator Finish glass and are 9" tall with...
Gear Premium 6" Tall Floating Beaker Rig - High Not TiredGear Premium 6" Tall Floating Beaker Rig
These Gear Premium Floating Beaker Dab Rigs feature a 3 hole perc, are made from 100% borosilicate glass...
Keith Haring - Rig - Black & White - High Not TiredKeith Haring Glass Rig
Influenced by pop-art icon, Keith Haring, the K.Haring Rig pairs advanced water filtration with unparalleled artistry. This piece...
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